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Synopsis: Decision Point is an exciting new approach to personal development and self-motivation. With a saturated generalist market for personal development, self-help and motivation, Decision Point focuses the wide and general narrative to a single point; the point in which a person makes a decision to make a change, and what to do immediately after. By the time you have finished reading this book, you will be ready to start your own journey to success.

About the Author: Nathan John is an expert in self-motivation and personal development. From humble beginnings, born in Wolverhampton, and following 20 years’ experience in the British Army, Degrees from Kings College London, Northumbria Business School and the Open University, Decision Point is the synthesis of his best lessons for success. Nathan has fused practical human psychology with his own research to support and develop colleagues and clients to achieve their own successes. Using the methods he teaches in Decision Point, he has forged a successful career in real estate, and likes nothing more than looking for his next challenge… book No2!

Publisher: AuthorHouse

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6 reviews for Decision Point (Signed & Dedicated)

  1. David Hogg

    This is an amazing book, a must read for any wanting to reach success. I highly recommend!

  2. Glen Rowe

    every 6th form school & college should give this to the students as vital reading… such inspirational & honest advance isn’t easy to find when you are 16/17/18. I’m going to buy more copies for gifts!!

  3. Mr Duhamel

    Easy to understand and clear throughout the whole book. extremely great read

  4. Karina Grant

    Great book, unlike some motivational books this is very easy to read and extremely relate able. Some great tips in it to guide you through your journey. Must have book to keep handy!! It’s left me raring to go to reach my goals!!!

  5. Rob G

    Such a well written and accessible book – no jargon, just easy to understand guidance on how to realise your potential. Reading this will open your eyes and save you 20 years of learning the hard way. Set apart from other self-help books, Decision Point is honest, uses real life examples, and gives you a truly applicable framework to help you succeed.

  6. Brian Hughes

    We all doubt ourselves in some way shape or form or lose our way which makes us think things are only possible if someone else does it. This book is essential reading for finding your positive side. It will make you understand by being positive helps you achieve. When your mind is set you can achieve anything but doubt can keep you still and negative. Decision point helps you understand what can be achieved in anything you do and gives perfect examples of life experiences that we all can relate to but only a tiny handful of people do something about it. Read this book and every issue that you will ever come across will be confronted with a positive reaction simply because you made a decision. Brian Lyndon (Octopus Music)

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