"There will be no better investment than the continual personal and professional development you impose on yourself."

What is Decision Point?

Decision Point is an exciting new approach to personal development and self-motivation. With a saturated generalist market for personal development, self-help and motivation, Decision Point focuses the wide and general narrative to a single point, the point in which a person makes a decision to make a change, and what to do immediately after.

By the time you have finished reading this book, you will be ready to start your own journey to success.


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Decision Point cover for book and ebook
“I think Decision Point is excellent. I wish I had read this book 20 years ago. It’s really engaging - and that’s just the first chapter!”
David Hogg
Fitness Entrepeneur

Accessible for all

“The paradox of knowledge is that it’s one of only a few things that you can share and not lose anything in the process.  Share the information in Decision Point and you will be rewarded multiple times over.” 

I truly believe that anyone can and should benefit massively from the learnings in my book. Therefore, one very important thing to me when releasing this book was to make it shareable with everyone  – accessible for and inclusive of all.

For this reason, I have made it top priority to launch Decision Point in eBook and audio book format, as well as the traditional paper/hardback style. 

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