About Me


So I’m a bit of a mixed bag really, Wolverhampton born and raised for a bit before spending a few years in the Army, growing up and trying to find my place in the world.

I am the archetypal late bloomer, not great in school but ok now, not great in the Army until the second half of my career and not a millionaire… yet.

I’ve tried loads of different things and through years of trial and error have discovered what makes me most happy, it’s summarized better than I ever could by Maya Angelou’s grandmother who said:

“When you learn, teach, when you get give…”

I’m far from perfect, I’m still trying to maximize my opportunities, push my limits and help as many people along my journey as possible. 

Life is short so make sure you do something that makes it worth it!

If we meet, say hello! I’m pretty easy going and I love coffee – especially if there’s a piece of cake to go with it!

I live and breathe the philosophy of 



What others have said...

"Nathan is an effective operator with an eye for clear communication. He is an unflappable manager in often challenging situations."
Anthony Agnew
Sustainable Energy - Project Development, Finance & Broker Solar,
"Nathan's leadership skills are unquestionable and he is very calm under pressure; he is focused on getting results but not to the detriment of important relationships or strategic goals."
Nicholas Breen
Humans Resources Manager at HM Forces
"Diligent & robust, with no boundaries of seeking progression. Nathan is a great team player, always full of ideas. Success is what he strives for."
Chris Chimpondene BA Hons
Administration Officer at UK Ministry of Defence

My Book

As Grandma Angelou said “When you learn, teach…” So Decision Point is my way of passing on those valuable lessons I’ve learned in my lifetime so far. 

Decision Point is the synthesis of my best lessons for success. I have fused practical human psychology (what makes us all tick!) with my own research and experiences in supporting colleagues and clients to achieve their own goals. Decision Point goes into depth on, self-belief, kaizen principles (small changes for big results) goal setting and planning among many other juicy chapters.

Using the methods I teach in Decision Point, I have built a real-estate business, and media company and am always excited to get involved in new projects.

Decision Point cover for book and ebook
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